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The Team

ADIC is a women-run organization with 11 permanent staff members making up the “team.” The Director, Blanca Herrera, has worked for ADIC for over 16 years. ADIC’s staff members have expertise in the areas of Social Education, Psychology, Civil Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Administration, and Accounting. In addition, ADIC has been supported by the work of volunteers from Germany, the United States, and local universities.  If you are interested in a volunteer position with ADIC, please contact Blanca at direccion@adicnicaragua.org.

el equipo

Administration and Projects


Left to Right: Meliton, Mercedes, Tania, Zoila, Teresa, Blanca

Blanca Herrera, Director

Ma. Teresa Castilblanco, Project Administrator

Zoila I. Vivas M., Accountant

Tania Zeledón, Administrative Assistant

Mercedes Matamoros, Facilities Manager

Meliton Sanchez, Security Personnel

Org Com

Left to Right: Maritza, Zenelia, Claudia

Community Organizing

Zenelia del Carmen Cruz, Community Organizing Manager

Maritza Gurdián Castro, Responsible for Women’s Programs

Claudia Cruz Ibarra, Responsible for Children and Adolescents’ Programs

equipo medioambiente

Left to Right: Vilma, Rudy, Eteling


Vilma Pérez Pérez, Environmental Projects Manager

Rudy Miranda S., Responsible for Infrastructure

Eteling Espinoza Cruz, Environmental Promoter


Left to Right: Thomas, Nicole, Greta, Jonit


Greta Bader

Jonit Bookheim

Nicole Summers

Thomas Zimmermann

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